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Pathfinder cover for alphabet books

Alphabet Books

This pdf pamphlet is an annotated list of favourite alphabet books.

Alphabet books appear in all shapes and sizes, appealing to toddlers as well as school-aged children. They can be fun, intriguing, playful, and wacky. From the classic Chicka Chicka Boom Boom to the mysterious The Dangerous Alphabet, there is an alphabet book just right for any child.

This pamphlet is created for children, parents, and teachers -- anyone looking for a great alphabet book.


Chinese Folk and Fairy Tales Pamphlet

Chinese Folk and Fairy Tales

This pdf pamphlet is an annotated list of favourite Chinese folk and fairy tales.

It is designed to attract children to the enchanted world of Chinese folktales and let them experience the exciting adventures of its characters. By reading Chinese folk and fairy tales, children gain an appreciation of Chinese culture and learn about the customs and values of its people.

This selection of books by talented, award-winning authors and illustrators are ones that young readers will not want to miss.

Kings and queens pamphlet cover

Kings and Queens

This pdf pamphlet is an annotated list of favourite books about kings and queens.

Kings and queens are empowering figures who capture children’s imaginations. In fairy tales and fantasy stories, ordinary characters can become royal figures and live in enchanted castles.

This annotated pamphlet presents not only fictional stories about kings and queens, but also biographical books about actual royal figures. Introducing children to historical biographies aimed at their age level is an effective way of engaging them personally with history.


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