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Pauline Dewan is an academic librarian for both Wilfrid Laurier and Nipissing Universities. She is located at the Brantford, Ontario campus.

This site was created as an online portfolio. Listed below are examples of her online activities.


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Children's Literature Classics
is a website for librarians, teachers, parents, and students -- individuals who are looking for a great book to share with their children, class, or library group. Created for anyone who loves children’s literature, the site is intended to guide, inform, enlighten, and inspire by introducing readers to 12 children’s classics in six different genres.


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Mystery Page Turners is a blog that discusses contemporary and classic mystery novels, identifying their appeal factors for both mystery fiction fans and readers’ advisory librarians. The blog explores a variety of favourite mysteries, including some that readers might have missed or overlooked. It also examines the mystery genre itself – why it is so addictive, how it developed, and what different forms it can take.

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Updated July 2, 2017

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